A Matter of Perspective


I have just been remembering something important that I learnt from the Lord some years ago.   At the time I was Home Educating my three sons who were small boys and we were living in what felt to me like quite a small house with cramped conditions, especially when compared to other people I’d met from church.  As such I was often beseeching the Lord, even with weeping, for a larger home to take the perceived pressures off me a little.

Then one day a gypsy lady knocked at my door selling things and upon noticing my Christian fish symbol on my door she told me she too was a Christian.  So I invited her and her little boy in for coffee and we got talking and struck up a friendship.  I discovered that she and some other gypsies were living, unbeknown to me, just over the road behind a factory unit on a patch of concrete all squashed together.   There was a family of five living in a one of those small towing caravans, which I wouldn’t even have considered a suitable size to go on holiday in!  I then discovered that another family’s caravan had recently been destroyed by fire which contained all their clothing and bedding and had slept some of the older children too!

Now I suddenly felt obscenely wealthy!  Now my home seemed like a mansion!  Now I felt like a spoilt child indeed!  Needless to say I stopped my weeping and feeling sorry for myself and set to action giving away all my spare clothes and bedding to these Gypsy Christians in need.  I was able to visit them and see how they lived and was also able to help them in various small ways.

I know for certain that the Lord sent her to my door at that time.  For, of course, He could see us both.  The factory unit didn’t block His view of both of our lives and our living conditions.  My eyes were taken off myself and shifted to those more in need.  My perspective was corrected by the Lord.

It is so easy for us to look at those who have more than us and feel, “Woe is me” and to become miserable and self-centered.  Yet as we pray about our situations sometimes he simply provides what’s lacking if it is truly a “need”, but on other occasions he opens our eyes and shifts our perspective to see that maybe we have just slipped in to becoming “of the world,” and perhaps “coveting our neighbour’s goods”.

Both the gypsy lady and I were changed by our encounter and ensuing relationship.  I will never forget her or the lessons I learned at that time.  God in heaven is looking down on us all; He sees the poor and starving and then He sees us too.  I am hoping to keep a Godly perspective and a more Christ-like heart when those thoughts of comparing myself to those who are more wealthy than I creep up on me, as they can have a tendency to do.

God Bless,


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  1. I have noticed that repentance is synonymous with thanksgiving. If we are not thankful, we are … deceived.
    At the same time, we are engaged in a great struggle in this world against sin and deception [the dangers of our age (season)]. We have to take heed, lest we fall. It is possible to fall. People forget this. [“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.]
    I also pray that the Lord helps my wife and I to live a godly lifestyle. Like David, I pray, “Lord, do not let me grow so poor that I become a reproach to you–or so rich that I forget you.” [paraphrase]
    P.S. Sister, the churchisalie.wordpress.com site is a site created for those who are coming out of the churches [so that we will hear and know the truth concerning these things]. I do not post there anymore, as it is just a means for me to explain the difference between cultural Christianity and biblical faith [giving an answer for my faith].

    The purpose of this site is to share what the Lord is showing me concerning ekklesia living. I believe that the Lord brings together those who He will to fellowship locally and through doctrinal discussions [comments] on blogs like your own and others.
    I still think that it is sad that there are so few believers in my area that are willing to come together in small fellowships, directed only by the Holy Spirit [and not the traditions of men].
    Yet, I am no longer concerned about this, though it does grieve me, still.
    We are called to follow God in this world, and we are only responsible for the choices we make.
    GOD alone, in HIS time, will do all things according to His will.
    Peace and grace, brother Mark
    P.P.S. There are many believers in the Lord’s Ekklesia [body of Christ], sharing many different convictions about various, practical matters related to how we are called to live our faith. While it is true that the bible is of no private interpretation [Galatians 1], I do notice a great diversity of opinion about spiritual matters among His people. We are not yet conformed, as we will be face-to-face. Therefore, my hope is that we will all encourage one another in the LORD. All things come together in Christ.

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