The Breath of God – A Poem

I just want to share with you this poem I wrote many years ago, whilst living in a large, industrial town in England, when there was very little opportunity for me to get into the countryside that I so desperately loved.  I was obviously missing such countryside & struggling with how mundane my life was with the daily life of bringing up a family of three little boys.  I was so desperate for the wide spaces of the countryside and for fresh air and freedom that I actually sat outside my back door writing this poem & even stayed sitting there as it began to rain (I just got an umbrella & carried right on writing)! 


I long for the mountains, the rivers and trees,

The smell of the pine in the cool evening breeze.

I long for the peace and the solitude there,

Where all is becalmed by the cool mountain air.


I long to hear silence, the rustle of leaves;

To still all my feelings and thoughts such as these.

I sit here and yearn for just nature and me,

To feel the Lord’s presence in all that I see.


I want to be free from the shackles that bind

My life so completely that I’m always kind

Of feeling the tensions, the stresses and strains

Of western suburbia and all its complaints.


I want to hear raindrops peacefully falling.

I want to hear God in my mind and heart, calling.

I long for His presence in all of my life,

I long for my Lord to release me from strife.


Where is the presence of God, is he way over yonder?

Should I hike onwards to meet him, I ponder?

Or could I stay here, sitting in my back yard –

Would God meet me right here, or is that too hard?


With the sounds of night traffic rushing on by,

With neighbourhood noises, a bark and a cry,

With the sink piled high with the days washing up,

With the smell of hot coffee drifting up from my cup.


My children and neighbours already asleep,

And still I sit out here and try not to weep.

The breeze it blows gently, it rustles the tree.

My heart wants to fly like a dove, to be free.


The same breeze, perhaps, blowing here in my yard.

The same breath of God, for nothing’s too hard,

For the Lord God who made me and all that I see,

To blow both at once on a mountain and me.


Original Poem written By Helen at Grain of Wheat Blog.  

If sharing poem, please keep this credit with it.  Thank you.


I truly hope this poem is a blessing to you.   I trust that if you are feeling any kind of heartache or desperation that you too will call upon the Lord God and that:

“The Peace of God that passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”   Philippians 4:7

In essence I find that the peace that troubled hearts search for and long for is available to Christian believers wherever we are, as the Holy Spirit of God can give us His peace at any time and in any place & as such it is not necessarily dependent upon our surroundings at all.  Yes, the countryside, the hills, lakes and rivers are a mighty blessing to us in this world.  They can lift our hearts with their glorious grandeur & beauty but we can still be blessed of God and ministered to via His Holy Spirit, or as I have alluded to here, the Breath of God, even if we cannot often experience such vistas.  Even in the mundane, routine of life He is still gracious towards us with His love & peace should we cry out to Him.

God bless,



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  1. Thank you for sharing this Helen. It expresses so much of what I feel sometimes too, often ‘trapped’ and alone in my little flat. [How I would love to go to far away places with my camera].But the Lord is ever faithful and always lifts my spirits when I cry to Him. My situation doesn’t change and neither can I expect it to at my age and limitations, but, like the Apostle Paul – I try to be content …. you are so right – God’s peace comes right where we are; what a wonderful Saviour !!


    • I agree it is difficult for those who can’t get into the countryside or open spaces, but we can still know the peace of God when we ask Him; in His way and His time, of course.

      I am presently feeling more of that “Godliness with contentment that is great gain,” but it has taken me (& still is taking me) a long time. I do think that the present sunshine we are having here is helping tremendously, as usual.

      By the way, I love the flower photos that you take (any who are interested can find Eileen’s work at ) – they are a real blessing – beautiful.


  2. So true, thank you, Helen. Beautiful poem. I will save it for reading again and again for your reminder of how precious and wonderful Gods gift of His Holy Spirit, our Comforter is 🙂

    God’s Blessings to you,

    Liked by 1 person

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