Christmas Freedom


I gave it up and walked away;

Now its just another day.

No need to spend on gifts galore

Or waste my time out at the store.

Lights and tinsel upon a tree?

I say, “No, they’re not for me!”

I would rather be home alone

And worship God upon His throne.

Quietness and rest not noisy babble,

I’ll take a break from worldly rabble.

No TV or radio blaring noise,

With fake Santa tales for girls and boys.

My preference now to sit and read,

My Bible, so that I can heed,

The true instructions of My Lord;

Learning to wield a spiritual sword.

I turn my eyes from worldly leisure,

Not seeking only personal pleasure.

Such Christmas things once gripped my heart,

As from my childhood they were a part.

But now, as much as I am able,

I’ve been released from its fable.

This feels so good to be so free,

I praise Jesus Christ for my liberty.

Original Poem written By Helen at Grain of Wheat Blog. 
If sharing poem, please keep this credit with it.  Thank you.

It’s my third year of “not doing Christmas” and it feels good and calm and liberating.

God bless


You may be interested in reading my previous articles that expain why I gave up “doing Christmas” back in 2016.

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5 Responses to Christmas Freedom

  1. Sherry says:

    Reblogged this on The X Mass H8rs Blog and commented:
    Thanks for the poem, Helen! And the links which are good reads.

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  2. bornagain732 says:

    I love the truth of this post and the next one Helen shared about Jesus brings division ❤️
    I am going to re read these both tonight when it’s quiet ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

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