Eczema – A Poetic Post on Suffering Skin

teddy-teddy-bear-association-ill-42230Today it has just happened again!  That familiar frustration when somebody asks me, “What have you done to your hands?”  I explain, it is eczema (which I’ve had for my whole life), and I use sticking plasters over the cuts and cracks to help keep my hands useable and protected.  Oftentimes the person then appears duty-bound to follow that up with their own “helpful” suggestions of how I might be cured!

I thought therefore to share on my blog with you a couple of my poems about eczema.  I hope that you will find the light humour of my first poem a brief reprise from any of your own sufferings.  And maybe, you will see from my second poem, how the Lord Jesus Christ can use everything about our lives, including our sufferings, to reach out with His great love to others in their need.


Mrs Simpson from the grocers,

     daughter’s, boyfriend’s aunt;

Was surely cured by eating chives

     with sautéed Swiss cheese plant!

And Mrs Rogers from the chemists,

     knows a certain Mr Sheen,

Who swears by anti dust mite spray

     to keep things very clean.

Then the fella at the butchers’

     tried a hypnotist, it seems.

Whilst the driver of the number ten

     just ate some French fried beans!


My husband’s auntie’s sister

     found a cure she could not beat,

It was acupuncture needles

     to the bottom of her feet.

Then there’s drinking Chinese tea,

     or a soothing oatmeal bath,

Or evening primrose capsules,

     it’s enough to make one laugh!

Other people call the doctor

     for a strong or weak steroid,

Or chat with a psychiatrist

     on the relevance of Freud!


But when you’ve tried all the Betnovates,

     like RD, N and A,

And when you’ve tried Tri-Cicatrin

     and still no cure has come your way;

When you feel let down by all

     the ointment, creams and lotion,

And you’re sure you’ll scream your head off

     at the next suggested potion.

When others find their answer

     but your skin is still in pain,

Then what more can you do,

     and to whom can you complain?

When you’re sick of chasing cures

     that tend to be elusive,

This eczema it seems, is here to stay,

     the evidence looks conclusive!


Original Poem written By Helen at Grain of Wheat Blog.  

If sharing poem, please keep this credit with it.  Thank you.


I will add that there was one memorable occasion many years ago when this eczema problem opened the door for me to speak to a certain group of people.  Another of my poems had been published in a skin health magazine and a reader, who attended a poetry group, had spotted it and asked the group leader to invite me to be their monthly meeting speaker.  I was given the liberty to speak about anything I wished, and so I used a variety of my poems to give my testimony.  That is, of how I used to be prior to becoming a saved, born-again Christian believer, the salvation experience and how the Lord had changed me.  And that opportunity came through my suffering skin!  I was filled with awe at the circumstances that the Lord created and felt I would gladly bear the suffering in order to give glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is the poem that was in the magazine that gave rise to the opportunity to be a witness for the Lord, even in and through my suffering in this life.  It was written when I was in my twenties and my children were just toddlers, who spoke their thoughts honestly to me.


Mum Has Eczema


“Mum, your face looks all patchybaby-1681181__480

And your hands are too scratchy,

So don’t hold my hand that way.

Your skin is so tough

Even your lips feel rough

So don’t kiss me goodnight today.”


People glance and then stare,question-mark-2318030_1920

And occasionally they dare,

To question, whilst not getting near.

I ignore the tact that they lack

And answer them back,

“It’s not catching, there’s nothing to fear!”


With my plasters and creamsband-24298__480

And my bandages it seems

That my life is so painful and sore.

I could write you reams

About my silenced screams

And tears shed behind my closed door.


Meanwhile my heart cries outbible-706641_1920

To my God, who no doubt

Listens with the utmost care.

Our hearts ache together

As I faithfully weather

This eczema that I must bear.


Original Poem written By Helen at Grain of Wheat Blog.  

If sharing poem, please keep this credit with it.  Thank you.


jesus-christ-2651816_1920And amazingly, it turned out that the man who read this poem in the magazine all those years ago, told me after the meeting that he was a lapsed, or back-slidden Christian.  Wow!  I was so overawed that the Lord loved His lost sheep so very much, that He would create all the circumstances to send me to give testimony to this one lost sheep. And the link to go to speak to him was my suffering skin and my willingness to be a witness for the Lord God.

I prayed for this man, that he would find his way back into the forgiving arms of such a loving Saviour.

What a compassionate and caring God we serve.  What a priveldge to be His servant, part of His body on earth.  Praise His wonderful name.

God bless


You can read the parable of the lost sheep, coin and prodigal son at this link to Luke 15 on Bible Gateway.

You can read my Testimony Poem here.

I welcome your input so if you would like to share any comments please feel free to do so in the section below.  Thank you.

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