Divorce & Marriage Breakdown


I have now posted my story of suffering from the pain and depression of divorce.  You can find it on my new Book Tab Page here.  Below is an excerpt from the start.

God’s Light In The Darkness
of Marital Breakdown & Divorce
My journey though the painful process

By Helen at Grainofwheatblog.wordpress.com



When my husband, whom I had loved, left me and my children, after a lengthy marriage, I went through the blackest, most depressing time of my life.  The recovery was agonizingly slow, with frustrating relapses along the way.   I have had it in my heart for some time now, that I would write about the pain and the healing process that has been my experience over the years, and now finally the time feels right to do so.

psa-34-18-cellI am hoping to convey to you two main points in this short book.  Firstly, that the pain was very real, incredibly severe and took me far longer to recover from than any problem that I had ever encountered before.  In describing this to you, I have opted to be quite open and vulnerable in a sense, as I found that the writers that helped me the most were the ones that were open and descriptive of their pain.  I found such comfort in finding that someone else understood what I was going through.  I only hope that my account will also bring someone else a little comfort in a similar fashion.

Secondly, I wish to convey to you the very real help that God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible, have been to me in and through this ordeal.  As such, this book is primarily written to help other Christian believers.

However, if you are not a Christian and happen to read this book, my hope and prayer is that you too would desire to know the true and living God, who can provide you likewise with His light in your darkness, should you call on Him for His mercy and forgiveness. Continue reading here.


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