Do Not Worry – A Poem


Have you ever noticed that the Lord Jesus Christ always calls us to a higher standard than the one we would set ourselves?

“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things

Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”       Matthew 6:34

Is “not-worrying” and “not-fretting” humanly attainable in circumstances of marriage breakdown and divorce situations?  Well only with the Lord’s help it is. Not that I am claiming to have lived through this time worry and fret-free by any means, no indeed not; for I certainly suffered various bouts at varying degrees of severity!  But, with all such struggles I kept bringing each new worry to the Lord in my prayers. Once again, this is the work of a lifetime for the Christian, to learn how to trust the Lord more quickly and more thoroughly with each worry or trial that crosses our paths.  And those struggling in the aftermath of marriage breakdown can truly be thrown into the ferocious fiery furnace of fretting!

fear-1027573__480I would deal with one worry attack only to feel that I was doing “rather well now, thank you very much,” only to be struck down by a fiery dart and fall into another pit of worry and fretting fears once again.

The above is an excerpt taken from Chapter 6, that I have just added onto my Book Page on Marriage Breakdown & Divorce.


I hope you enjoy the following poem that I wrote about this worrying problem.


Do Not Worry!


Let me tell you a tale about “Worry”anxiety-1337383_1280

And his partner called “Anxiety”,

Who together bring sorrow and bondage,

Great enemies to faith, as you’ll see.


We’re often exhorted by scripture

To be anxious for nothing at all.

To present our requests and petitions

To our God, who is always on call.


Great peace to our minds and our hearts,

Philippians said Christ would provide.

If we only would pray and not worry,

He’ll draw so close to our side.


peace-2154826__480Our Lord pointed to birds and to lilies,

Said His Father for them takes great care,

They’re fed and they’re clothed in great beauty

Not worried about what they should wear.


Such assurance of love He did give us,

For we’re more value to Him than a bird,

And we’re promised His care and provision

So often in His Holy Word.



But our enemies frequently stalk us.

Tomorrow can look daunting and bleak.

Then fear and anxiety and worry

Can rise in our hearts to a peak.


A peak of tremendous proportions

And we’re swamped in a mire of despair,

With no thought to the promise of Jesus,

To simply give all to Him in a prayer.



Yet this is precisely his tonic

To all of life’s worries and ills;

We’re to trust Him with all of our problems

Remember that fear is what kills!


It kills off our faith in Christ Jesus,

It kills off our hope and our trust.

And we end up a quivering wreck

When the Bible tells us that we must,


Simply cry out to our precious Lord Jesus,

Who’s ready to supply all we need.

First seek the things of His kingdom

Then freely He’ll clothe and He’ll feed.


Original Poem written By Helen at Grain of Wheat Blog.  

If sharing poem, please keep this credit with it.  Thank you.


“Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him.

Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way,

Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.

Cease from anger, and forsake wrath;

Do not fret – it only causes harm.”    Psalm 37;7-8

keep calm and trust God

You can read this chapter and the full free book, called, “God’s Light In The Darkness of Marital Breakdown & Divorce  –  My journey though the painful process” by clicking here, or on the Book Tab of the blog.

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  1. You wrote: “Once again, this is the work of a lifetime for the Christian, to learn how to trust the Lord more quickly and more thoroughly with each worry or trial that crosses our paths.”
    I LOVED this sentence and how much it sums up my life also. It isn’t that we have fully arrived at perfection – that we have learned to fully trust – but it is truly exactly as you have stated.
    12 years ago when my husband first faced open heart surgery I was not at the stage I am now in my journey with the Lord. Now, 12 years later, on the day when we were very surprisingly confronted with the reality of it, we both easily surrendered and rested in His will and His timing. We had learned much about Him and His faithfulness, love and peace in those 12 years and can face his surgery in a totally different way now than we would have then.
    We have learned how to trust Him more and more quickly and more thoroughly. Hallelujah!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good to hear from you Barbara. I am praying for both you and your husband frequently since you alerted me to your troubles and concerns. Glad you both are aware that you are in the hands of a good and loving heavenly father, whatever life throws at us. Hallelujah indeed!


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