Are You Going to Heaven? A Poem



One day we will pass from this world to the next,

Shall we die with a cry of despond?

Or will there be praise in our heart to depart

Through the grave to heaven beyond?


As our flesh fades and fails, and time always prevails

Upon mortals here on this earth.

Do hearts cling to their wealth whilst death in its stealth

Reveals the full truth of our worth?


Will you pass onto glory, just like the old story,

Of God’s kingdom eternal and true?

Or will He glance with a look at His Holy Book,

And say, you’re not one of the few!


Not one of the faithful, and humble and Mine

Not born of His Spirit again;

Not a life lived for Jesus, and yoked to His plough

But one following mammon and gain.


Oh, the weeping and gnashing and tearing of cloth,

When death comes to claim another.

Oh, the grieving and crying and sobbing in pain

When it’s your sister or mother or brother.


Did they listen and heed to the world’s tales of greed,

Or harken to the voice of the Lord?

Did they drive in fast cars and hang about bars,

Or wield a spiritual sword?


Jesus went on ahead to prepare, as He said,

For His bride, the true and the holy.

The future is bright for those that He chose;

For the humble, forgiven and lowly.


Where are you going when death comes up showing,

That time is slipping away?

Is it “bucket list” time, or all that’s sublime,

Filled with awe before Christ on that day?


I beg one and all, please harken the call,

Don’t gamble your time away.

Don’t leave it too late and procrastinate

But repent of your sins today.


When the stakes are so high, and time it does fly

Then you find judgement day is here.

In the blink of an eye at life’s final cry

You’ll discover a new kind of fear.


Will your fear be covered by Christ’s precious blood,

Facing the judge’s great throne?

Will you be clothed in white and delight

To be in His presence alone?


Are you part of His bride, when there’s no place to hide,

And death gleefully claims its great prize?

Will you awake from that sleep and be one of His sheep,

When this flesh life has met its demise?


Oh, I pray for that day, that the Lord He will say,

“Welcome my daughter, come in.

Come in and dine with my banquet of wine,

At My table free from all sin.”


When I hear the Lord’s call to forsake all,

To pursue the pearl of great price.

I count the great cost and know I’ve not lost

As I live for Christ and not vice.


On that final day when no one can say

I have lived a “good enough” life.

When the vote has been cast and the time is now past

He’ll cut through the lies with His knife.


As we think about heaven with no sinful leaven

Where all is eternal delight.

Do you know where you’ll go if you sew here below

To your flesh and sins darkness of night?


Wake up one and all, please harken my call

Heed the truth from God’s holy word.

Forgiveness is only through Jesus the Christ

Let your sins be on Him transferred.


Then we’ll awaken together to live there forever

In glory with our Saviour above.

I so long to be, just my Saviour and me,

In heaven’s most perfect love.


Original Poem written By Helen at Grain of Wheat Blog.  

If sharing poem, please keep this credit with it.  Thank you.



I welcome your input, so if you would like to share any comments please feel free to do so in the section below.  Thank you. 

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