Jesus Death & Resurrection – A Poem

An original poem by Helen at Grainofwheatblog

Let us remember, “He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world.” (1 John 4:4)

Let us Praise the Lord God Almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ today and forever and ever.

This is a poem that I wrote several years ago around Easter time.  Hope it is a blessing to you this Easter in 2020 when the world has turned very odd indeed.


Mary Stayed Weeping


As I stood by the cross I watched Him die.

I loved Him so much that I wanted to cry.

Such pain & such sorrow, I felt such grief,

For my Lord who had given me such relief;

From darkness & horrors & demonic dreams,

Now all I could hear were our silent screams.


We women we stood at the foot of the cross,008-gnpi-097-jesus-cross

In shock & in anguish at this greatest loss.

His kindness displayed by His penultimate word,

As to John He gave His mother, we heard.


Then it was finished, His head dropped down low,

I cried & I fell to my knees there below.

Oh my Jesus, my Saviour, God’s only Son,

I love you so much, but now you have gone.

My grief overwhelms me, my face in the dirt,

I’ve known so much sorrow but this is such hurt.


No words to describe the sadness within,

As my Jesus has died to cleanse me from my sin.

Oh, the price you have paid for the mess that I made;

But my every cell cries, “If only You’d stayed.”

Stayed a bit longer with us here on earth,

The man who was God who showed me my worth.


Now it is morning & I rush to the tomb.002-jesus-alive

The sun slowly rising, dispelling the gloom.

But how will I get in to see Him, I pray;

So shocked am I now, as the stone’s rolled away!

I run off to tell Peter; he’ll know what to do,

So he calls for John’s help & he goes with him too.


They race back to the tomb, having had such a scare,

Then they bravely look in to find He’s not there!

Now quite perplexed, & scratching his head,

Peter tells John he’s off back to his bed.


So off they both went to their homes to reflect,005-gnpi-102-appearance-mary

But I just stayed by His tomb & I wept.

As I wept, I dared to look in for the dead,

But there was no body, just angels instead.


“Why are you weeping?” they asked of me.

And I said, “Where, oh where, have you taken He?”

He that forgave me & lifted me up,

He that allowed me to drink from His cup.


He that is tender & gentle & true,

He that the soldiers have tortured & slew.

Please tell me, please show me so I can go,

To anoint His dead body, for I love Him so.


I turned then & saw another who said,

“Why are you weeping?  I am NOT dead!”

He called me by name, as tears rolled down my face,

It was my own Saviour, the Lord of all Grace.


He stood there ALIVE, my heart skipped a beat,

I fell once again & reached out for His feet.

Tears mixed with dust, I did not want to let go,

But Jesus said, “Mary, I want you to know,

I am going back to heaven to our Father above,ScriptureArt_0118_-_Matthew_28_6_NLT_English_157x157

To sit on the throne of His heavenly love.


I am alive, I have risen you see;

I told you before this would happen to me.

Now go right away & tell all the others.

Be my first messenger to all of the brothers.”


Oh what joy & delight now filled all of my heart,

My Lord is alive & He’ll never depart.

His great Peace He gave me, He lifted me high,

As I went to obey Him I let out a deep sigh.


A sigh of relief, this news was so good,

My tears now dispelled as I stretched & I stood,

A moment in time, as God called me by name;

A piece of world history, never the same.

As a God who from heaven my weeping did see,

And a Saviour called Jesus chose to use me.






Original Poem written By Helen at Grain of Wheat Blog.  

If sharing poem, please keep this credit with it.  Thank you.

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