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The Breath of God

I just want to share with you this poem I wrote many years ago, whilst living in a large, industrial town in England, when there was very little opportunity for me to get into the countryside that I so desperately … Continue reading

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Fellowship During Apostasy: If not in the Churches – then where?

Originally posted on End Times Prophecy Report:
NO FELLOWSHIP WITH UNRIGHTEOUSNESS: What concord has Christ with Belial? “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?  And…

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Royal Wedding or The Marriage of the Lamb – Will you be attending either of these?

Yesterday in England there was a Royal Wedding between an English prince and an American commoner.  There was much pomp and ceremony and many people got caught up in the “royal fever” of the day, as you can well imagine.  … Continue reading

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God So Loved The World

Occasionally I like to make up my own praise songs to the Lord and thought I would share them with you now and again.  My Christian life is both one of worshipping the living God and the Lord Jesus Christ, … Continue reading

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A Storm-Proof Christian Life – The Ultimate Key

Taking A Closer Look at the Wise & Foolish Builders I was just remembering many years ago when my son and I enjoyed building ourselves a little sand island on a beach and watching the tide come in around us.  … Continue reading

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Toronto “blessing?” – My personal letter to warn other believers

I have decided to share publicly a letter that I actually wrote in 2005 to some of the Christians at that time that I knew and cared about.  It was, and still is, a very serious subject regarding strange things … Continue reading

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I was blessed to find the following article on a blog called, Famine In The Land, by Rick Becker.  I have copied his article in the hope that it may help many who are confused or enmeshed in the false … Continue reading

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Jesus Death & Resurrection – Mary’s Perspective

Mary Stayed Weeping   As I stood by the cross I watched Him die. I loved Him so much that I wanted to cry. Such pain & such sorrow, I felt such grief, For my Lord who had given me … Continue reading

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Easter, Passover or Neither? Does it Matter?

Have you ever thought about why we buy chocolate eggs at Easter time?  Have you ever wondered why Easter moves around the calendar each year?  Have you ever pondered if Christians should celebrate Passover instead of Easter?  Have you ever … Continue reading

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Church – To Be or To Go? That is the Question

I can start this article with no better scripture than the wonderful, clear teaching from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  If you truly believe that all Christians should go to a church building on Sundays then please hold the following … Continue reading

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