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Easter, Passover or Neither? Does it Matter?

Have you ever thought about why we buy chocolate eggs at Easter time?  Have you ever wondered why Easter moves around the calendar each year?  Have you ever pondered if Christians should celebrate Passover instead of Easter?  Have you ever … Continue reading

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More Value Than Many Sparrows

When one’s spouse rejects you then there are some tremendously difficult issues to deal with pertaining to one’s value and role in life.  We can be reeling in confusion regarding our identity now that we are no longer half of … Continue reading

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Jesus is Lord of Mind, Body & Spirit

To say that Jesus is my hero, really wouldn’t go far enough!  To say that he is my Lord and my God, and the One that I worship would be closer to the truth.  In this post, I just want … Continue reading

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Where does my help come from?

Now in scripture Egypt can represent “the world.”   Remember that Moses led the Israelites “out of Egypt” towards the Promised Land.  When we are saved or born-again, we have likewise come out of bondage or slavery to sin and are … Continue reading

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Home Education – Because God Loves Children

God loves babies and children!  Did you know that?  I guess most readers would say, “Yes, of course, I know that God loves children!”  Most of you know Psalm 139 that tells us that God knit us together in our mother’s … Continue reading

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Do Not Worry

Have you ever noticed that the Lord Jesus Christ always calls us to a higher standard than the one we would set ourselves? “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things Sufficient for the day … Continue reading

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In Your Anger Do Not Sin

Just updating you that I have added two more chapters to my free Book on “Divorce & Marriage Breakdown,” called “Overwhelmed” and “In Your Anger Do Not Sin.“ I have copied an excerpt here for you. Oh but the Lord … Continue reading

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Divorce & Marriage Breakdown

I have now posted the first few short chapters of my written story of the goodness of the Lord Jesus and my heavenly Father during the years I was suffering from the pain and depression of divorce.  You can find … Continue reading

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The Vegan Controversy

Originally posted on What's Happening…?:
A Hidden Agenda? Today, I had planned to write about the rise and seemingly unstoppable advance of full-on veganism. To clarify, I don’t mean vegetarianism or simply avoiding meat to spare the suffering of…

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Wild Flowers & Noble Vines

There once was upon a time, in my younger days, when I had been taking great delight in building up my little back garden.  I had a pretty, brick, raised flowerbed built for me that made me feel very happy … Continue reading

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