Exploding Eggs and Fresh Manna

Will you crack under the coming persecutions or feast frequently on the reality of your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ?  This is perhaps an egg-ceedingly important question in this day and age!


As one of my microwaved poached eggs has just exploded all over the interior of my microwave whilst the other egg besides it was cooked to perfection it got me thinking along these spiritual lines.  Both eggs looked the same on the outside and both were exposed to the same pressures but one held its integrity and the other simply cracked up and went to pieces!

Just prior to this breakfast egg-splosion (lol – I may have to curtail that humour at this juncture, me thinks, as I have a serious subject matter ahead!) I had read a powerful blog article by Richard Wurmbrand on the horrific torture and persecution he, and many others, have endured simply for being a Christian.  Continue reading

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Wake up Church!

I wrote this poem some years ago when I first challenged some “church leaders” about Tithing being wrong for todays church.  Their response, coupled with my broken-heart of my husband’s abandonment, caused me to outpour my anger and grief into the words that follow.  Needless to say I forgave those that hurt me, as Jesus teaches us to do, but still it helped to pour out my feelings onto the page at the time.

Crushed and broken, rejected and bruised,

My heart is wounded and abused.

I lie alone and cry out in pain,sign - depression - hope vs despair

I weep and sob again and again.

On and on the days drag by.

I frequently just want to die.

To find the peace that eludes me here,

To be with my Jesus and have no fear.


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All Flesh is as Grass


Having spent the spring and summer rejuvenating my long-neglected lawn it was still a surprise to hear the Lord say to me recently, “All Flesh is as Grass”.  How is it so?  What is the scripture reference to this quote?  What does He want to teach me today?  I began digging into my bible to see what I could find on this subject, and here are some of my thoughts.

However, before I delve into the spiritual aspects I would like to firstly explain to you a bit more about my actual garden; my lawn in particular.  I have been looking after a garden now for many years, but only in an ad hoc kind of way, if I am honest. I usually Continue reading

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Wilderness Walking

Leaving the church, it’s wilderness time.

How are you doing?  I’m doing just fine!

But that isn’t true; I’m just being polite;

Life feels quite bleak, more darkness than light.


Leaving the pews, religion cast out.

Wilderness walking, but then comes the doubt.

Depression took hold with weakness & tears;

An enemy ready to fan all my fears!

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A Basket Case for the Lord

Are you a useful vessel for the Lord, however you may be feeling today?  A little wobbly like wicker-work or solid as oak, the Lord is always willing to use you if you are willing to give yourself in His service.


Now I don’t mean to be insulting to anyone with the title of this article but some time ago I felt the Lord liken me to a piece of wicker-work furniture that I’d just bought for my hallway!  Strange, I know!!  But I just thought I would share this story in case I can encourage you also with some aspect of it.  Essentially, I felt that the Lord wanted me to know that I didn’t have to be totally strong and perfect in every way prior to Him being able to use me in His service and this is true for all of us.  We don’t need to sit around waiting for all our physical and emotional issues to be fully resolved prior to us serving the Lord.  He is happy to come to use us in and through our troubles and will certainly shine through the cracks of our lives and in spite of our weaknesses. Continue reading

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A Matter of Perspective


I have just been remembering something important that I learnt from the Lord some years ago.   At the time I was Home Educating my three sons who were small boys and we were living in what felt to me like quite a small house with cramped conditions, especially when compared to other people I’d met from church.  As such I was often beseeching the Lord, even with weeping, for a larger home to take the perceived pressures off me a little.

Then one day a gypsy lady knocked at my door selling things and upon noticing my Christian fish symbol on my door she told me she too was a Christian.  So I invited her and her little boy in for coffee and we got talking and struck up a friendship.  I discovered that she and some other gypsies were living, unbeknown to me, just over the road behind a factory unit on a patch of concrete all squashed together.   There was a family of five living in a one of those small towing caravans, which I wouldn’t even have considered a suitable size to go on holiday in!  I then discovered that another family’s caravan had recently been destroyed by fire which contained all their clothing and bedding and had slept some of the older children too! Continue reading

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Christmas Spirit – What Spirit Is It?


Shining the Light of Truth onto Christmas Customs

I am this year having lots of questions regarding how or even IF I can continue to “Celebrate Christmas”!  I am reading, thinking and praying about this matter as I try to discern what the Lord would have me to do.  This is one of those BIG life questions, as it seems to be like a “Holy Cow” that causes other people to have strong reactions when I mention it!   This is a journey of discovery for me over a period of the last few years as I have read information regarding the various elements that are the eclectic mix that make up our modern Westernized Christmas.  When a huge part of the world “celebrates Christmas” then I am once again feeling like a little fish swimming against the tide – a huge worldwide tide of commercial pressures, family pressures and possible spiritual pressures to boot.  But I take courage in the little comment I have just spotted which is, “any dead fish can float down the river but it takes a live fish to swim against the flow.” Continue reading

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Taming the Tongue!


One day when I was at a Christian meeting attempting to share something that I was feeling tender, fragile and somewhat vulnerable about, another person responded to me in a manner that felt very cutting,  judgemental and harsh.  I was left hurting and stunned!

Later, at home, as I reflected upon the “tongue-lashing” that I’d received that day I was led to considering the power of the tongue.  As is the Lord’s way, He led me to considering my own manner of speech with other people.  I have learnt that we cannot control how others treat us but we can always control how we treat others.  So that is always the area to work on with prayer when we are slighted and wronged in any way. Continue reading

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It’s A Matter Of LIFE and DEATH!


I just want to share with you this article I found on another blog that resonates with me on a great many points.  You can read the full article on Stacy’s blog by clicking on the link below but I have picked out and copied a few of her paragraphs here to give you a sample of her writing.

I have added the bold text to highlight the various issues that she has raised for ease of reference.

She has covered issues pertaining to:-

Church attending or not attending

Denominations separating the Body of Christ

The bible-version controversy

Continue reading

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Elijah by the Brook – Cut Off & Purified

God’s Preparation Process in the wilderness

160558a238c0f093eeceb0960165b177I was suddenly awoke very early on Christmas Eve a few years ago with the following scripture impressed strongly upon my mind.

 “I tell you truly, many widows were in Israel in the days of Elijah, when the heaven was shut up three years and six months, and there was a great famine throughout all the land; but to none of them was Elijah sent except to Zarephath, in the region of Sidon, to a woman who was a widow.”

I had at that time recently left a church and been told to go away and read “the church fathers”!

I was at that time still in a great deal of emotional pain as my husband, of many years, had walked out on me and my three sons about a year prior to this. (He subsequently divorced me).  I was also not familiar at that time with the idea that a Christian could simply “not go to church” and so was feeling rather desperate, just at home, alone, churchless, not really knowing what to do next!  All I knew is that I loved the Lord tremendously and He was (and still is) the ONLY one that I could really trust in this life. Continue reading

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