Encouragement for End Times Believers


Do you ever browse the internet and discover various sites that talk of all the fearful end-times stuff that is happening in the world today?  You know, the one-world government, the beast-system, the signs and symbols that the wicked rich and famous are using, and what the United Nations Agendas may be steering the world towards.  I certainly have read and listened to some of this type of stuff.  Sometimes I learn something new that gives me a heads-up in a certain situation but at other times, if I am honest, it has made me feel rather fearful and unsettled.  What about you? Continue reading

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Food Cravings & The Chastening of The Lord


Today I wish to emphasize that I have not managed to achieve “perfection” in my spiritual life quite yet!  I realize the Lord Jesus does tell us to aim for such, but I am still just on the path, setting my sights and prayers towards that end, as the Lord in scripture said:

“You shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

I am learning that each time that I try to find satisfaction with something of this world, in a way that the Lord does not wish me to, thankfully He corrects me so that I can keep learning more of His ways and less of my own.  However, it is certainly not a nice feeling, being “chastened by the Lord” but I am still glad that He does correct me when I am straying. Continue reading

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Calvinism – The Bible’s Response


Flaws In Calvinism

By Dave Miller, Ph.D.

Copied in full from ApologeticsPress.org

John Calvin (1509-1564) was a French theologian during the Protestant Reformation whose system of Christian theology, primarily expressed in his Institutes of the Christian Religion, has exerted tremendous influence throughout the Christian world for nearly five centuries. The central tenets of his thinking have been summarized under the acrostic TULIP.

Total Depravity = All men have inherited the sin of Adam through their parents and are morally unable to choose to follow God and be saved because of their own depraved, sinful nature which extends to every part of their personality.

Bible Responses

Ezekiel 18:19-23—“Yet you say, ‘Why should the son not bear the guilt of the father?’ Because the son has done what is lawful and right, and has kept all My statutes and done them, he shall surely live. The soul who sins shall die. The son shall not bear the guilt of the father, nor the father bear the guilt of the son. Continue reading

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Why Modesty Matters for Christian Women

1-pet-3-3-pexels-9x-768x768What Are You Wearing & Why?

Might modesty matter?   Is what we wear really an issue?

From both my reading of the Bible, and the witness of the Holy Spirit within me, I believe that it does matter, it is an issue.  Also, I believe that to a large extent, the clothing that the fashion and retail industry promotes and provides for women and girls nowadays is becoming increasingly more sensual and immodest.  Consequently, as Christian women, we will each need to think and pray through this matter for ourselves and any family members that we are responsible for.  Let me explain to you why this is so.

But at the outset let me just give you the basic definitions of modesty:-

 “Behaviour, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency.”  Continue reading

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The Breath of God


I just want to share with you this poem I wrote many years ago, whilst living in a large, industrial town in England, when there was very little opportunity for me to get into the countryside that I so desperately loved.  I was obviously missing such countryside & struggling with how mundane my life was with the daily life of bringing up a family of three little boys.  I was so desperate for the wide spaces of the countryside and for fresh air and freedom that I actually sat outside my back door writing this poem & even stayed sitting there as it began to rain (I just got an umbrella & carried right on writing)! 


I long for the mountains, the rivers and trees,

The smell of the pine in the cool evening breeze.

I long for the peace and the solitude there,

Where all is becalmed by the cool mountain air. Continue reading

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Royal Wedding or The Marriage of the Lamb – Will you be attending either of these?

royal-wedding-3411338__480Yesterday in England there was a Royal Wedding between an English prince and an American commoner.  There was much pomp and ceremony and many people got caught up in the “royal fever” of the day, as you can well imagine.  But not I.  I just used the beautiful sunny day to weed my garden whilst thinking and praying about my own preparation in becoming worthy to be part of that glorious, future bride of Christ in His eternal Kingdom.  Let me explain a little more as I contrast this royal wedding to that future event. Continue reading

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God So Loved The World


Occasionally I like to make up my own praise songs to the Lord and thought I would share them with you now and again.  My Christian life is both one of worshipping the living God and the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as warning my fellow men and women of the dangers of following the wrong paths.  Life is a balance and I want to try to reflect that here at my blog.  I hope you like my little song, although as I am unable to write the music I trust you can make your own tune up or simply enjoy it as a poem.


For God So Loved The World


For God so loved the world

That His son to us He gave

Whoever shall believe in Him

He shall truly save.

For God so loved the world

That to all that do believe

In humility and honesty

His forgiveness they receive. Continue reading

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A Storm-Proof Christian Life – The Ultimate Key

Taking A Closer Look at the Wise & Foolish Builders


I was just remembering many years ago when my son and I enjoyed building ourselves a little sand island on a beach and watching the tide come in around us.  It was a really fun thing to do with my child, to see how long it took for the sea to demolish our little building upon the sand – and it wasn’t very long, I can tell you! Recently however, this has given me cause to consider Jesus’ teaching regarding the wise and foolish men who built their respective houses upon rock or upon sand.  This is of course, a basic Bible story that is recorded in the gospels of both Matthew and Luke.  This is often taught as a children’s story (with simple songs) but it was initially spoken to adults as the culmination to the Lord’s first publicly recorded sermon – the one frequently referred to as the Sermon on the Mount.  As such, I believe that it is certainly worthy of our time in considering once again what the true meaning of this sermon ending could teach us today. Continue reading

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Toronto “blessing?” – My personal letter to warn other believers


I have decided to share publicly a letter that I actually wrote in 2005 to some of the Christians at that time that I knew and cared about.  It was, and still is, a very serious subject regarding strange things that were occurring within a “Christian church” that I had attended.  It took me nine months to discern and extricate myself from the said church, albeit the last weeks were simply to experience the leaders of the movement personally before exiting for good.

I have been greatly saddened of late, to discover that people who I had thought would be discerning Christians are in fact now, over a decade later, working alongside the very same leaders that I was warning about then, collaborating on projects in the basement, on the fringes of this other church, and the people are no doubt, unaware of the true nature of the spirit that works in their midst.  The church I write about in this letter is still stating on their website that “impartation” is one of their things!  If alarm bells don’t go off in your thinking at this word then you have some serious Bible reading, praying and research still to do.

My hope and my plea is for all Christian people to wake up from their trusting, somnambulant state and to pray and beseech the Lord God for true spiritual discernment and wisdom.  We live in days of increasing wickedness on all sides and tolerating it continually amongst the churches will only lead to a deadening of your own ability to hear the Lord’s true voice. Continue reading

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I was blessed to find the following article on a blog called, Famine In The Land, by Rick Becker.  I have copied his article in the hope that it may help many who are confused or enmeshed in the false teachings that are rife in Christian circles these days.  He has put a lot of work into this and thus saved me the job that I felt I ought to attempt.  I am so greatly concerned with the fact that false teachers prey on those in desperate circumstances, such as those with relationship and health issues.  My hope is that this article will help you to want to follow the True and only Lord Jesus Christ and to break free from false teachers and hirelings, whatever that may cost you.

Rick’s article below

The greatest threat to the church are not those who oppose the gospel, but those who distort it.  Many in the visible church are fearful that the growth of other religions, godless governments, and the ongoing calamities of this world pose a threat to the church.  These serve to distract from the greatest threat which comes from within – false teachers.  Jesus described them as ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing –  they look like sheep but feed on sheep.  How do these false teachers manage to captivate and deceive millions within the visible church?

1. They are Established in the visible church.

The false teachers that present a very real and present danger are not those living on some isolated plot of land with a few hundred followers.  To the contrary, they are the ones revered in the industrial evangelical complex with thousands of followers.  Continue reading

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