Easter, Passover or Neither? Does it Matter?

easter-2072387_1280Have you ever thought about why we buy chocolate eggs at Easter time?  Have you ever wondered why Easter moves around the calendar each year?  Have you ever pondered if Christians should celebrate Passover instead of Easter?  Have you ever even thought about why it is called “Easter”?  I know that I have had such thoughts.  So, I have started to do a little reading up about these things to try to get a bit of clarity on these matters for myself.

I just thought that I would repost this article as I have more followers than I had last year, and thought it may be of interest to someone.

Now before I delve into the history and practices of Easter, I want to say that the bible tells us that:-

“One person esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind.  He who observes the day, observes it to the Lord; and he who does not observe the day, to the Lord he does not observe it.”  Romans 14:5-6

Essentially, we are to help to edify other believers, rather than put a stumbling block in each other’s paths.  We each need to read our bibles prayerfully to decide which days we observe to the Lord and which we do not.  But with an enquiring mind and a humble spirit I am confident that the Lord God will gently lead and teach each of us what pleases Him.  Continue reading

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More Value Than Many Sparrows


This post is an excerpt taken from my story on the Book tab, called “Marriage Breakdown & Divorce”

When one’s spouse rejects you then there are some tremendously difficult issues to deal with pertaining to one’s value and role in life.  We can be reeling in confusion regarding our identity now that we are no longer half of a married couple.  It can take time to come to terms with this difficult matter.  I had been part of a couple for twenty-seven years.  It was not easy to think of myself in single terms of being just me – just Helen – as opposed to my identity as “Helen and husband”, that I had been all my adult life, up to that point.

cross-2598300__480I remember an incident that occured in those early days of great pain, after I had been for a swim at a local hotel pool (doctor’s orders).  As I stood, feeling all forlorn, at the reception desk waiting to get a refund on my locker key, I happened to notice a lady stood nearby holding a Bible. Continue reading

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Jesus is Lord of Mind, Body & Spirit


To say that Jesus is my hero, really wouldn’t go far enough!  To say that he is my Lord and my God, and the One that I worship would be closer to the truth.  In this post, I just want to share with you my awe and wonder at a few of the miracles of Jesus Christ, that I have just read in Mark chapter five.  That’s right, in just this one chapter of the Bible He proves Himself to be master over demons, disease and death!  He restores a man, a woman and a child.  He is certainly Lord over their entire mind, body and spirit.  In just one chapter of the Bible all of humanity is dealt with by Jesus with compassion, mercy and restoration.  It is a faith-filled and faith-building chapter, to be sure.  He has truly made my heart sing this morning and I hope He will cause a similar reaction in you too. Continue reading

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Where does my help come from?


Now in scripture Egypt can represent “the world.”   Remember that Moses led the Israelites “out of Egypt” towards the Promised Land.  When we are saved or born-again, we have likewise come out of bondage or slavery to sin and are heading for our new destination of the promised land, which is heaven.

Now it happened, that just a couple of months after my husband’s departure the thought came to me, whilst speaking with another woman who had been similarly abandoned, that wanting our non-Christian, unbelieving husband’s back was rather like the freed Israelites in the wilderness wanting to return to the slavery of Egypt in the days of Moses.  If so then I needed now to learn all that the Word of God had to teach me on the subject of how to handle this marital abandonment and subsequent divorce.  Where ought I to turn for my help now that I had no husband? Continue reading

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Home Education – Because God Loves Children

matthew18_4ljmGod loves babies and children!  Did you know that?  I guess most readers would say, “Yes, of course, I know that God loves children!”  Most of you know Psalm 139 that tells us that God knit us together in our mother’s womb.

Satan, on the other hand, hates children!  Have you ever adorable-21998__480considered that?  Some of you will, no doubt, be aware of such things.  You may remember the Bible stories of the huge slaughter of babies in the days when Moses was born and then again when Jesus was a baby.  There was on each of those occasions, the wrath of a wicked king that was being expressed in a malevolent, murderous manner towards the innocent, precious babes and small children, in their attempts to utterly destroy God’s plan of salvation.  Quite horrific humanly speaking!  But God preserved Moses and Jesus by His loving guidance to the parents of those children.  And God will in our time, likewise, lead His obedient parents in how to protect their innocent little children.  Continue reading

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Do Not Worry


Have you ever noticed that the Lord Jesus Christ always calls us to a higher standard than the one we would set ourselves?

“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things

Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”       Matthew 6:34

Is “not-worrying” and “not-fretting” humanly attainable in circumstances of marriage breakdown and divorce situations?  Well only with the Lord’s help it is. Not that I am claiming to have lived through this time worry and fret-free by any means, no indeed not; for I certainly suffered various bouts at varying degrees of severity!  But, with all such struggles I kept bringing each new worry to the Lord in my prayers. Once again, this is the work of a lifetime for the Christian, to learn how to trust the Lord more quickly and more thoroughly with each worry or trial that crosses our paths.  And those struggling in the aftermath of marriage breakdown can truly be thrown into the ferocious fiery furnace of fretting! Continue reading

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In Your Anger Do Not Sin

rage-1015611_1920Just updating you that I have added two more chapters to my free Book

on “Divorce & Marriage Breakdown,” called

Overwhelmed” and “In Your Anger Do Not Sin.

I have copied an excerpt here for you.

Oh but the Lord was good to me.  He woke me with His precious word saying, “Do to others as you want them to do to you,” then also, “Be merciful as your heavenly Father is merciful.”  I was seeking God’s help and he spoke in the night.  I meditated within my heart on my bed and was still before the Lord as I pondered His word to me and His wonderful presence that filled me with all of His love and compassion for the very person who was causing my pain.  Continue reading

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Divorce & Marriage Breakdown


I have now posted the first few short chapters of my written story of the goodness of the Lord Jesus and my heavenly Father during the years I was suffering from the pain and depression of divorce.  You can find it on my new Book Tab Page here.  Below is an excerpt from the start.

God’s Light In The Darkness

of Marital Breakdown & Divorce

My journey though the painful process

By Helen at Grainofwheatblog.wordpress.com



 When my husband, whom I had loved, left me and my children, after a lengthy marriage, I went through the blackest, most depressing time of my life.  The recovery was agonizingly slow, with frustrating relapses along the way.   I have had it in my heart for some time now, that I would write about the pain and the healing process that has been my experience over the years, and now finally the time feels right to do so. Continue reading

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The Vegan Controversy

May I recommend to you this most excellent and thought provoking article by Tricia on the subject of Veganism. It sure will give you food for thought as you chew over its rather meaty content!  Lettuce always remember to go to the Word of God and thoroughly read the Bible upon this subject before we decide what to eat and wear.

What's Happening...?

A Hidden Agenda?

Today, I had planned to write about the rise and seemingly unstoppable advance of full-on veganism. To clarify, I don’t mean vegetarianism or simply avoiding meat to spare the suffering of animals. I mean the shunning of ALL products, whether edible or not, that involve animal ingredients, not so much as a personal choice but as an environmental statement .

I say I had planned to do that, but on following up my own researches on the Net I found several facts:

  1. The subject – even amongst Christians – causes such positive and negative feedback that it’s almost impossible to contribute to the discussion in a rational way. I am wary of adding to that.
  2. There is a dearth of factual data as to the roots and religion (yes, religion) behind veganism and other hot topics.
  3. Almost all websites found in a search are pro-vegan, or pointing…

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Wild Flowers & Noble Vines


There once was upon a time, in my younger days, when I had been taking great delight in building up my little back garden.  I had a pretty, brick, raised flowerbed built for me that made me feel very happy indeed as I worked hard to create a cohesive, attractive layout of plants & flowers within it.  Everything in the garden was looking simply rosy, and my gardening skills were growing little by little just as the flowers that I planted filled out the spaces to create a rather pleasing effect to the eye & a soothing effect on my heart & soul.  I could sit out there in the sunshine & enjoy the beauty of the work of my hands besides that flowerbed as I relaxed at the end of a day’s labours.

So all was rosy in the garden

Then one day, just as I was driving along, I saw a very beautiful white flower growing by the side of a road.  I quickly pulled up my car to take a closer look at this flower & as I did so and I gazed upon those intoxicatingly pretty white flowers I had a thought that went like this:

“Why pay for extra flowers from the garden center to fill my new flowerbed when such lovely flowers are available right here, right now, at no expense, completely free of charge?”

I thought they would look absolutely fantastic in my new flowerbed in my garden.  So, on the spur of the moment, I bent down & snapped off a small cutting from this plant!

Continue reading

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